Home used biogas plant

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Home used biogas plant
Supporting structure: steel structure
Tank material: PVC fabric
Fabric thickness: 0.5-1.2mm(customized)
Volume: 3m³(customized)
Service lifetime: > 10 years

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This product which has gotten the Chinese Patent(Patent No.: ZL 201820382163.4)is a combination of rust-proof steel support frame, rust-proof steel wire mesh and flexible PVC biogas bag. The steel support frame plays a role of shaping and bearing. The flexible PVC biogas bag plays the role of sealing fermentation and storage, and the external anti-rust steel wire mesh plays a protective role. The feeding inlet and the discharging outlet are integrally welded with PVC plastic parts in the factory. The feeding hopper is made of FRP material, which is mold casting, high strength, light weight, anti-corrosion and durability. It can be assembly on site. The PVC feed inlet is connected with anti-rust hoop, and the support frame is positioned and born by the pull rod. The whole product structure is cylindrical and dome, the cylinder is most stable structure and with the least space, which is beneficial to reduce the cost of the support frame and PVC fabric. The dome structure is conducive to expanding the storage space of biogas. For product design, 2/3 cylindrical height is used for storing the biogas residue and slurry, 1/3 cylindrical and 1/5 dome are used for storing biogas, the feeding hopper height is convenient for manual feeding, discharge outlet height is convenient for discharging and desilting. The PVC digester balloon is easy to absorb heat with high efficiency gas production, and  unrestricted by geographical and climatic conditions. There is a air outlet used for exhaust air on the top of dome to ensure safe storage. The function of mini biogas plant is ferment and degrade human waste, animal dung, straw, urban kitchen waste etc.

Traditional biogas fermentation equipment

Newly biogas fermentation equipment

Concrete biogas fermentation tank

Glass steel biogas fermentation tank

Portable assembly biogas digester

One-piece casting

assembly module

 Large and heavy steel mold as inner and outer molds, complicated operation and inflexible dimension and specification, long period of construction, high cost, strict requirements with quality and progress of the casting, inconvenient maintainance, easily affected by thermal expansion and contraction

Poor sealability, easily leaking, construction is difficult, when making concrete biogas digesters, it is necessary to prefabricate various pipelines and instrument interfaces in advance,  which will affect the popularization and application of biogas projects.

High material consumption, high overall cost, poor heat absorption, low efficiency of gas production with low temperature. Easy to leak with glue, difficulty in transportation and disassemble,single type, short life, and inconvenient maintenance, which seriously restrict the development of biogas

Flexible material, excellent airtightness, can be mass-produced in the factory, transported with several packaged, and DIY assembled on site by two peoples, flexible size and specification, high efficiency with heat absorption and gas production, free from the limit of geographical and climatic conditions , easy to promote and apply.



Portable assembly biogas digester structure diagram:



Portable assembly biogas digester advantages:

1. Easy to assemble and disassemble, short installation time, and convenient transportation.

2. Small size, reduced space.

3. Newly design high strength flexible material, excellent tensile strength, anti- UV, fire resistance.

4. Acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, strong resistance, long service life.

5. No leaking, safe and reliable, environmental and cleaning;Excellent heat absorption, good insulation, and high gas production.

6. Not easy to deposit the biogas residue, and convenient for cleaning.

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