Parking Shed Structure(Accessories)

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Material: aluminum alloy frame + anti-wicking membrane
Waterproof: water repellency 3000mm water column or more
Service lifetime: membrane 15 years, frame 30 years

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Parking Shed Structure :


Short installation time

Alloy frame anti-rust and mould proof

Self-cleaning membrane

Free from miantainance

Excellent appearance


Comparison between traditional welding steel structure car shed and assembly aluminum alloy membrane structure car shed


Item traditional welding steel structure car shed assembly aluminum alloy membrane structure car shed Result
frame material common iron Customized aluminum alloy section No processing and assembling on site
welding arc welding on site argon arc welding in factory stronger
surface treatment Paint spraying on site Spraying in factory anti-rust and anti-corrosion resistance up to 3 years
process Cutting and welding on site Screw coupling on site Installation efficiency improved
Membrane structure Material Common membrane material Anti-wicking membrane structure B1 fire resistance, self-cleaning, mould proof
Quality Low stretch, proteiform  Stretching resistance, nondeformable Low deformation, no ponding
Service lifetime 5 years 15 years Lifetime increased
Coupling Welding fabric, tape coupling Full width, card slot structure Easy to install and change
Installation Substrate Pre-buried Bolt embedded bar Save time and labour cost
Coupling Cutting, welding, polish and paint on site Bolt coupling as the instruction Save time and labour cost
Hoist With the help of crane No hoist Quick installation, low labour cost
Time More than half month 3 days Save time and labour cost
Labour cost High low Low labour cost
Assemble and disassemble cutting, welding, polishing and painting for second time Installation again with disassembled bolts Simple disassemble
Maintainance Anti-rust and anti-corrosion treatment every year Free from anti-rust and anti-corrosion treatment No maintainance cost
Cost performance Cost per square meters High low strong market competitiveness in lifetime, installation efficiency, maintainance cost and disassemble

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