PVC Large Scale Livestock Farm Biogas Tank

Short Description:

Material: pvc mesh fabric
Thickness: 0.7-1.8mm
Volume: 200m³-10000m³ or more, overlarge project can be connected in series
Service lifetime: > 10 years
Performance: anti-UV
Temperature range: :-25~60℃

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Foresight has dedicated itself to promote the construction of biogas project of scale, centralization and engineering for a long time as deputy of Chinese flexible biogas digester professional group and organizer and promoter of setting of biaogas project use flexible material standard. Foresight has more than 12 years’ experience of manufacturing biogas fabric and biogas membrane, the annual production is over 5,000,000 square meters. There are many project cases of large and medium-sized biogas project and household used project in Chinese, and Foresight has helped more than 500,000 biogas engineering units to set up digester. At the same time, Foresight has the domestic advanced high frequency tracking welding machine and C-type welding machine, professional welding fabric technology, practised processing personnel and dust-free plant, which ensures stable quality, quick processing speed and short delivery time. It provides environmental protection engineering units at home and broad with a one-stop service of stable quality biogas materials production and finished product processing, allowing our biogas engineering customers to take on business and project installation with no worries, more peace of mind and more convenience.


Comparison Between Biogas Ballons for Large Scale Farm Use:


Comparison of all kinds of biogas digester


Steel tank fermentation digester

PE fermentation disgester

PVC red mud fermentation gigester



Very high


Very low


Terrain environment

Strict environment

Large area and flat

No limited

adjust measures to local conditions


Heavy and high cost

Bulky and high cost

Folding resistance and small size

Low cost

Input/output and cleaning

silted and blocked when low temperature, power off and stop the biogas

Self-flow input and output, unable cleaning

Self-flow input/output, no blocked, pneumatic stirring with no siltation, safe and fast cleaning

Solve the siltation problem, low project management cost

Repair and maintainace

Terminate the whole projects, high cost and long period

Terminate the whole projects, high cost and unsafety

  Individual operated, keep normal operation

Convenient, low cost

Service lifetime

8-10 years

2-3 years

>30 years

Cost-Effective, low composite cost


Flow Diagram of Biogas Fementaion Digester for Lagrge Scale Farm Use:


Foresight sell the fabric to customer and help with project cases:


Foresight supply fabric to Henan dongfang embellish Oriental charm environmental protection technology co., LTD and assisted to set up 3000mbiogas project in Hunan, Henan etc.



Foresight supply fabric to Chengdu DeTong Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd and assisted to set up 5000mbiogas project in Yutian, Hebei etc.



Foresight supply fabric to Sichuan Jun Chang Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. and assisted to set up 9000m3 biogas project at Dayi overseas Chinese phoenix modern agricultural science and Technology Development Co., Ltd.



Foresight supply fabric to Chengdu Datang People Biogas Technology Development Co., Ltd. and assisted to set up 2500m3 biogas project in Tangshan.



Henan pastoral agriculture and animal husbandry Co., Ltd                    4000mbiogas digester

Henan Tianlong industry Co., Ltd.                                                           3500mbiogas digester

China Animal Husbandry Industry Co., Ltd.                                            4500m3 bogas digester

Hebei Dahui Poultry Industry Co., Ltd.                                                    6000mbiogas digester

Shandong Liuhe Group Co., Ltd.                                                             8000mbiogas digester

Shandong Zhengbang Group                                                                  5000mbiogas digester

Dabeinong Group                                                                                    6000mbiogas digester

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