PVC Suction Spiral Duct for Coal Mine (Air Out)

Short Description:

Material: PVC mesh fabric
Diameter: 300-1000mm(customized)
Length: 5-10m
Feature: fire resistance, antistatic
Coupling: metal ring, zipper, Velcro, eyelet
Negative pressure resistance: ≥3500Pa
Temperature range:-25~60℃

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JULI® PVC Suction Spiral Duct for Coal Mine (Air Out) Parameter:


Item Unit Test method Result
Duct Diameter mm - 300 400 500 600 800 1000 (other diameter can be customized)
Length m - 5 10
Flap(Skirt) cm 15-25
Steel wire diameter mm MT165-2007 5-8
Standard pitch cm MT165-2007 10-15
Suspension ring space cm - 50
End ring material - - Spring manganese steel or cold drawn steel
End ring diameter mm - 8-10
Suspension - Single/double metal ring
Coupling End ring, zipper, Velcro, eyelet
Fire resistance - NFPA701/DIN75200/UL94 Qualified
Antistatic Ω ISO 284 ≤3x108
Temperature range GB/T20105-2006 -25~60
Ventilation Performance Item Unit Diameter(mm) 300 400 500 600 800 1000
Hectometer resistance N•S2/M8 - ≤1728.0 ≤410.0 ≤134 ≤54.0 ≤13.0 ≤4.0
Hectometer air leakage rate % - ≤5.0
Negative pressure resistance Pa - ≥3500

JULI® PVC Suction Spiral Duct for Coal Mine (Air Out) Advantages:

1. Since 2006, Foresight has more than 10 years experience of manufacturing ventilation ducts and ventilation duct fabric, and owns a strong R&D team which consists of over 10 engineers graduated from professional school, exceeds 30 high-speed rapier looms, 3 laminated production lines, several automatic production lines for pvc ventilation duct, which ensures annual production of rolled film over 10,000 tons, pvc ventilation duct fabric 15,000,000 square meters, pvc ventilation duct 2,000,000 meters. Foresight continues to supply all kinds of ventilation ducts for coal mines at home and abroad.



2. Compared with traditional ducts like rubber, glass fiber and plastic dip, JULI® pvc reinforced exhaust air ventilation duct has advantages of lighter weight, thinner material, higher strength, more convenient installation, maintainance and repairation. Composite cost will be decreased more than 25%.


3.Foresight original carbon black surface treatment antistatic technology has won Safety Production Science and Technology Achievement Award issued jointly by SAWS and SACSS. It keep antistatic value ≤3x10after two years underground application.


Now a new environmental friendly antistatic surface treatment techonology with water-based carbon black solvent without VOC emission has been developed, and it can stablish the antistatic value at 3 x 106, and 3x10can be met totally.



4. Special machine feeds the fabric wear strip automatically, and ensures firm and uniform wear strip welding.



5. Original inside reinforced technology, the pressure is transferred from wear strip to the whole duct, so the security is improved.

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